@ 4:00 am

4:00 AM I can’t sleep, I forgot my gear on, the leds ligth reflect on the ceiling of my bedroom… I have that song stuck in my head…only one thing to do… GET UP AND MIX… @ 4:00 AM I feel dark… With tunes from Fabio Florido, Egbert, Truncate and more. Listen, share, comment and enjoy!

Practical Chaos

Uploaded but totally unplanned has part of a practice session / friendly competition between me and NinJon… Aka Jonathan Spijkers! Share and Like! if you like it of course! Enjoy! remember to listen to the mix posted by my buddy Ninjon and vote for the best! Including tracks from Eric Prydz, Technasia, Gianni Scotto, Deadmau5 and many more.

art: http://misellee.deviantart.com/

Circus dj contest set

This is the mix I played for the Circus dj contest 2016. I was praised by Dj Groove Kontrol, Veteran dj and main judge Michel Simard as well as many of the other competitors and crowd members. Especially prepared to satisfy the most demanding and knowledgeable club goers and techno lovers of Montreal, this mix includes my own “Feel the love” special edit of Taster’s Choice by John Acquaviva & Dj Pp has well as songs from Macho Iberico, Pleasurekraft, Lime K and many many other great performers… Enjoy! …

Halloween Mix

Prepared for a last minute halloween party,”Just for the hell of it” is a minimal techno and dark ambient mix featuring songs from Alberto Feria, Amtech, Kevin Coshner and my very own live take on Carmina Burana…I see dead people… Enjoy! Mouhahahaha…