Codex SPARTAQUE Floppy Headache Joel Cabana Remix

Joel Cabana for Spartaque’s Floppy Headache remix competition on Meta-Pop

Codex SPARTAQUE Floppy Headache Joel Cabana RemixHere’s my submission for Spartaque’s Floppy Headache competition on Meta-Pop.

I would love if you could take a minute or six to listen to my remix  for this contest where I could win an official release on the CODEX label.

I really hope you like it! and if you do please click on the little white heart Icon on the Meta pop page. Your comments and shares would also be very appreciated.

Thanks for listening! 

Listen to the Remix on Meta-Pop


the first demo has been uploaded

check out my first demo on the demo page…. im trying to get them to use posts instead of page inbeds but im having a dificult time…. hope i can get it to work… edited…. 23/07/2017 5:29 am. it finally worked has intended like a week ago but i just updated this post now! glad to say that im doing some progress and that i will probably be in usable mode soon. thanks